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Technical Support

Technical Support

  The coin-operated human body electronic scale is a special model that Lejia Company has customized for various market needs. It adopts an enhanced anti-cheating coin-operated device to ensure the accuracy of recognition and rapid response capability.

  With a variety of different function types, specific application sites have specific model configuration options. In the choice of coin-operated models, we as professional human body electronic scale manufacturers, usually according to your actual needs for product function configuration. Recommended to buy.

  Between the selection of the printer with printing function and the printing and coin-operated models, Lejia is more inclined to recommend the coin-operated human body electronic scale products with higher application value. In this social status of measuring value by price, Lejia abandons the inherent price positioning idea, and provides customers with better human body electronic scale products, and freely adds coin-operated devices to you on the basis of several special organic types. The manual operation of the human body electronic scale is realized.