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After sales service

After sales service

  After-sales service refers to a series of services provided by the manufacturer and distributor after the product (or service) is sold to the consumer, including product introduction, delivery, installation, commissioning, maintenance, technical training, on-site service, etc. . After-sales service is an important measure for the production unit of the product to be responsible to consumers, and also a way to enhance the competitiveness of products. The after-sales service includes:

  1. Install and debug products for consumers on behalf of consumers;

  2. According to the requirements of consumers, carry out technical guidance on the use and other aspects;

  3. Guarantee the supply of spare parts for maintenance;

  4. Responsible for maintenance services;

  5. Implement “three guarantees” for the products, that is, repair, replacement, and return. Many people now think that product after-sales service is a "three guarantees", which is a narrow understanding;

  6, deal with consumer letters and visits, answer consumer advice. At the same time, in various ways to collect consumer opinions on product quality, and timely improvement according to the situation.