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HW-600 ultrasonic height weight BMI measuring machine
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product description

Coin-operated height and weight scale

HW-600 product Advantages:

1, fast automatic accurate measurement, the ultrasonic detector imported from the United States of America non-contact height measurement, the design of the head lights beautiful and generous, can automatically measure height, weight, BMI, judge to remind the fat, thin, normal, can be customized according to customer needs

2, height, weight measurement accuracy is high

Height measurement range: 0-200cm, 0.1cm indexing value

Weight measurement range: 1-200kg, 0.1kg indexing value

3, the use of aviation high precision balance beam pressure sensor precision sensor, sensor line original line, not easy to damage, with eccentric load function, high test accuracy, fatigue resistance, long life.

4, highlighting LED digital display, not affected by the outside light and Angle of view, standby state display date, time and temperature, convenient for middle-aged and elderly people to use

5, the machine cold plate stamping forming, anti-oxidation, anti-wear, strong and durable chassis

6. Data transmission can be uploaded to the computer through the RS-232 serial port, or transmitted to the mobile phone through Bluetooth or wireless.

7, the shell thickness is high, the use of medical grade ABS safety material, not easy to break, the large chassis is strong and stable, high sensitivity, long service life

8, built-in thermal printer, using Japanese Seiko thermal printer quiet and efficient, measurement completed automatic printing report, automatic cutting paper

9、can coin or no coin free choice, support custom multi-language


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