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product description

HW-B9  New design ultrasonic height and weight body measuring scale

* New Design !

* Waterproof, rain and snow - proof , suitable for both indoor and outdoor places ;

* Anti - high temperature and low temperature;

* Measure height, weight, bmi, body fat and heart rate

* 10'' HD screen ;

* Face recognition function ;

* RS232 / RJ45 interface for data transmission available ;

* Accept customization for more functions !

* Suitable for both outdoor and indoor. 

Test items:
Human height, weight, BMI (body mass index), heart rate and body composition (17 items): fat content, fat rate, basal metabolism, body water content, body water rate, body muscle content, body muscle rate, protein content, protein rate, bone salt weight, fat free weight, intracellular fluid volume, intracellular fluid rate, extracellular fluid volume, extracellular fluid rate; Balance force measurement.

Performance characteristics:

Structure: Multiple waterproof designs enables the normal use of equipment in bad weather like rain and snow, making it not affected by humid environments. It is sturdy and durable, nice looking, corrosion resisting and impact resisting. The internal circuit board adopts a three proof paint process, which is resistant to high and low temperatures.

Face recognition:

Scan the QR code on the screen by WeChat and input personal information to register, and then the user can directly log in through face recognizing and the recognition threshold can be adjusted.
Intelligent interconnection: the measurement results can be generated into QR code, and the user can check the measurement result by following the WeChat official account (support customization of customer's WeChat official account); Network data interconnection can be achieved through WIFI or RJ45, facilitating user's access to the system. Support controlling of device data and viewing of medical examiner's report information through cloud platforms; Support docking with various data platform systems to achieve information interconnection.

Multiple measurement modes:

Mode 1: measure height, weight, heart rate and balance directly;

Mode 2: measure height, weight, body composition, heart rate and balance through face recognition login after   
      code-scanning registration. The device has to be connected to the internet.

Mode 3: measure height, weight and body composition directly. (Optional)

Can set a timed power on/off (default to turn off at 22:00 and turn on at 4:00)


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