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Community Health Smart HouseCASES-One-stop medical and health managementCASES

1. Policy Background of Healthy Smart House

'Healthy China 2030' Planning Outline'Building a Health Information Service System\
Build a unified, authoritative and internet-connected population health information platform across the country, standardize and promote 'Internet + health care' services, innovate Internet health care service models, and continue to promote the integration of prevention, rehabilitation and health management covering the entire life cycle of citizens. Health Information Services.

2. Healthy Smart House Testing Project

Height, weight, BMI, fat, body composition, rapid ECG, blood pressure, 12-lead ECG, blood oxygen, body temperature, blood sugar, uric acid, four blood lipids, hemoglobin, total cholesterol, urinalysis, vision, color blindness, lung function, Arteriosclerosis, alcohol test, psychological assessment, traditional Chinese medicine constitution identification, etc.

3. Supporting Facilities of Healthy Smart House

Health query screen, APP function screen, meal pagoda, energy carousel, luminous character light box, roll-up banner, health management system, KT board, health data display board, health information rack.

4. Introduction to the functions of Healthy Smart House

1. Convenient and fast self-service testing: only one person is required to guide the operation, and voice prompts throughout the process make it easier for users to conduct health check-ups.

2. One-stop health service: The Health Smart House not only provides online testing, but can also be connected to a remote consultation platform to solve user questions at any time and provide a full range of health services.

3. Personalized health intervention: The Health Smart House generates personalized health guidance and improvement plans based on user reports to help users better manage their health.

4. Long-term health monitoring: The Health Smart House uses data analysis to provide long-term monitoring for people with chronic diseases through chronic disease screening and early warning, so as to achieve early detection and early treatment.

5. Community health management: Healthy smart cabins are widely used in community health stations, street health clinics, community properties, etc., making it convenient for everyone to conduct health management anytime and anywhere.

6. Prevention and risk assessment: Through health detection and monitoring in the Health Smart House, users can better prevent diseases and reduce health risks.

7. Health education resources: Health Smart House provides real-time updated health education materials, health guidance cartoons and other resources, allowing the public to have a deeper understanding of health knowledge and improve health awareness and literacy.

6. Industries suitable for health smart cabins

Healthy Smart House is suitable for communities, elderly care institutions, enterprises, real estate, health care real estate and other industries to help with health management follow-up and healthy diet and exercise.

What I want to tell you is that the smart Intelligent Health Examination Machine launched by Lejia can not only intelligently detect physical conditions, but is also equipped with a scientific health management system, which is uploaded to the cloud platform to realize intelligent archiving and intelligent data collection. Through the cloud Compute data analysis, perform health assessment, provide basic data for health guidance, and achieve intelligent, integrated and precise chronic disease management.Physical examination and management can be realized at the same time.Very suitable for today’s health and smart cabin needs!

7. Introduction to HW-V9000Intelligent Health Examination Machine

8. Case introduction

On November 3, 2023, the Heilongjiang Provincial Social Rehabilitation Hospital installed one HW-V9000Intelligent Health Examination Machine and one HW-V7000Intelligent Health Examination Machine. The training was completed and they have been officially put into use.

9. Company introduction

Henan Lejia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Located in the Electronic and Electrical Industrial Park of Zhengzhou High-tech Development Zone, it is a company focusing on the research and development of health examination equipment and intelligent chronic disease management CASES, integrating production, sales, and After-sale Service high-tech enterprises.Mainly engaged in the R&D and production of intelligent physical examination all-in-one machines, All-in-one National Physical Fitness Monitoring Machine, all-in-one health examination machines, Height and Weight Scale, height and weight scales, precision physical examination instruments for infants and young children, children's height and weight meters, Portable Physical Examination Case and other products Sale.The company's products are rich in variety and of high quality. It is a dual-soft enterprise with many independent intellectual property rights such as ISO9001, Class II filing, environmental and occupational health and safety management system certification, CE, triple-A corporate credit, Height and Weight Scale software, etc. and product patents.Products andCASES are widely used in medical care, primary care, pharmaceutical industry, elderly care industry, financial insurance industry, enterprises and institutions, health management and other institutions. Based on customer needs and core values, we provide integrated health management applications{[ t2]}.

Website: www.hnljdz.com

Tel: 086-0371-66185785

Email: 380989535@qq.com

Mobile phone: 13838063822

Address: Building 1, Longding Phase 1, Lianhua Street Electronic and Electrical Industrial Park, Zhengzhou High-tech Zone

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Henan Lejia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of health examination equipment and intelligent chronic disease management CASES integration, integrating production, sales and After-sale Service.

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