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Smart elderly care CASES — Elderly care + chronic disease management

Current status of the elderly care industry

At present, the elderly care industry is in a stage of rapid development.The 'Healthy China 2030' planning outline is to promote the construction of a healthy China and improve people's health level. Health is an inevitable requirement for promoting the all-round development of people, a basic condition for economic and social development, and an important symbol of national prosperity and national prosperity. , is also the common pursuit of the broad masses of the people.In terms of market size, the elderly care industry is also showing a rapid growth trend.However, there are still some problems in the current elderly care industry, such as insufficient supply of elderly care services and low service quality.

Pain points in the elderly care industry


Poor information flow between institutions and families


Poor management process


Low level of digitization


Lack of refined management


Intelligent equipment is imperfect


Lack of clear business processes

Smart elderly careCASES


Complete physical examination items:

Height, weight, body composition, blood pressure, blood oxygen, body temperature, rapid ECG, 12-lead ECG, blood sugar, uric acid, total cholesterol, hemoglobin, four blood lipids, urinalysis, traditional Chinese medicine identification, vision, color blindness, bone density, lung Function, waist-to-hip ratio, alcohol test, psychological assessment


Cloud platform data processing:

Equipment management, file management, health management, physical examination management, data transmission, chronic disease screening

Platform value


Multi-layer scene hierarchical management


Instantaneous processing of massive data


Operation management reduces costs and increases efficiency


Management and service standardization

9000-Cloud platform

Smart elderly care CASES uses various advanced information technologies (Internet of Things, Internet, mobile Internet technology, smart calling, cloud technology, GPS positioning technology, etc.) to create the wisdom of 'system + service + elderly + terminal' The medical care service model covers various forms of care such as institutional care, home care, and community day care.Through cross-terminal data interconnection and synchronization, various departments and roles are connected to form a complete smart management closed loop, which enables information interaction between the elderly and their children, service agencies, and medical staff, and effectively monitors the elderly's physical status, safety conditions, and daily activities. Monitor and promptly meet the needs of the elderly in life, health, safety, entertainment and other aspects.

HW-V9000 health all-in-one machine is a high-tech self-service one-stop all-round professional health examination equipment independently developed based on the national public health service system. Its own intelligent data management system can quickly collect multiple vital sign parameter information of the human body, and Statistical analysis of health data, guidance and assessment of health status, and data exchange between multiple platforms through the network are of great significance for early intervention of pre-disease, comprehensive management of chronically ill people, and management of basic public health services.

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