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[Customer Case] ​​Chongqing High-tech Zone People's Hospital

【Case introduction】

On March 7, 2023, Henan Lejia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. installed an HW-V2000 Intelligent Health Examination Machine for Chongqing High-tech Zone People's Hospital, which has been officially put into use.



【Case details】

Chongqing High-tech Zone People's Hospital was established in 1954. It is a national public secondary hospital in Shiqiaopu area that integrates medical treatment, teaching, prevention, health care and rehabilitation. In recent years, the hospital has won the 'Good Team' award from the district health system. , Chongqing Guard District's 'Comprehensive Construction of Advanced Grassroots Units', Chongqing Pre-College Normal University's 'Advanced Grassroots Party Organizations' and other honorary titles. It is the designated hospital for medical insurance in Chongqing, the designated hospital for work-related injury and maternity insurance, and the hospital for rapid treatment of traffic accidents. Our company is chosen , the hospital continues to strengthen cultural construction, vigorously create the hospital's core culture of 'high moral skills, new style hospital', and advocate a hospital culture based on people's health, noble medical ethics as the soul, and pursuit of excellence and innovation as the basis.The hospital selected our company's HW-V2000Intelligent Health Examination Machine after careful consideration, which greatly improved the work efficiency of the hospital's medical staff.


【HW-V2000Intelligent Health Examination Machine introduction】

1. Main testing items:

1.1 Height, weight, standard weight range, BMI (body mass index), and body fat and thin tips

1.2 Human body composition (15 items)

Fat content, fat rate, basal metabolism, body water content, body water rate, body muscle mass, body muscle rate, protein amount, protein rate, bone salt weight, lean body mass, intracellular fluid volume, intracellular fluid rate, cells Extracellular fluid volume and extracellular fluid rate.

1.3 High pressure, low pressure, heart rate

1.4 Blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate

1.5 body temperature

1.6 Rapid ECG

1.7 Extension items (optional)

Blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol, vision, color blindness, psychological assessment, lung function, waist-to-hip ratio, etc.

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