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[Customer Case] ​​Dezhou Zhenhua Hospital

【Case introduction】

On June 29, 2023, Henan Lejia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. installed an HW-V6000 Intelligent Health Examination Machine for Dezhou Zhenhua Hospital (Second Community Health Service Center), which has been officially put into use.

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【Case details】

Dezhou Zhenhua Hospital (Second Community Health Service Center) mainly provides medical security services to surrounding residents to meet the basic health service needs. It is a service center that integrates prevention, medical treatment, health care, rehabilitation, and health education service functions, effectively , economical, convenient, comprehensive and continuous primary health services.After many careful and rigorous inspections, the hospital chose to introduce the HW-V6000 model Intelligent Health Examination Machine developed and produced by our company to provide health guidance for nearby residents and facilitate one-stop self-service physical examinations for residents.

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【HW-V6000 Intelligent Health Examination Machine Introduction】

HW-V6000 intelligent physical examination all-in-one machine is a self-service one-stop all-round professional health examination equipment independently developed based on the national public health service system. Its own intelligent data management system can quickly collect multiple vital sign parameter information of the human body to achieve Intelligent archiving, intelligent data collection, data analysis through cloud computing, health assessment, and intelligent and integrated chronic disease management.

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HW-V6000 portable health all-in-one machine performance features:

1. Main testing items: height, weight, BMI body index, fat mass and fat rate, basal metabolism, body water content, muscle rate and muscle mass, protein content, bone salt, lean body mass, intracellular and intracellular fluid, blood pressure, heart rate , blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, 12-lead ECG, blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol, hemoglobin, blood lipids, urine testing, traditional Chinese medicine constitution identification and other testing indicators.
2. Use a 15-inch touch-screen LCD computer with humanized design and one-stop operation. Through real-time voice and animated video, the inspector is guided to complete the measurement independently and compare it with previous measurement data in real time.
3. The entire process can be carried out by touch screen or touch mouse. It supports multi-touch screen operation, real-time voice broadcast, LCD display, and provides on-site color printing physical examination report service.
4. Swipe the second certificate or log in with an account to enter the system for physical examination, record the test data in real time, establish patient health files through network integration, and realize cloud-end storage of health data.Standard network cable interface for easy connection to hospital systems.
5. The equipment is an integrated design with mobile functions. The equipment is equipped with medical-specific universal movable wheels. One person can push the equipment to move. After the equipment arrives at the work site, it only needs to be connected to the power supply and network to start working.
6. The equipment has a good sense of professionalism and human-computer interaction capabilities, allowing residents to use it on their own without the need for guidance from medical staff on site.

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