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[Customer Case] ​​Yunnan Shimenguan Scenic Area

1. [Case Introduction]

On August 30, 2022, Henan Lejia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. installed an HW-V9000 Intelligent Health Examination Machine for the health physical examination room of Shimenguan Scenic Area in Yunnan, which has been officially put into use.


2. [Case details]

Shimen Pass in Cangshan Mountain, Dali, is an important pass that the Tea Horse Road, the Bonan Ancient Road, the Yanmi Ancient Road and the Burma Highway must pass through in history. At the pass, two steep peaks rise from the ground, facing each other like a giant door. , hence the name Shimenguan. Shimenguan means 'Tiankaishimen'. 'Tiankaishimen' is also one of the sixteen ancient sceneries in Yangbi. It is a typical canyon landscape with a V-shaped valley. Glyph.


Shimenguan (national 4A-level tourist attraction in Yunnan Province) is a state-level employee recuperation base awarded by Dali Prefecture. It is also a healthy life destination carefully created by Yangbi County. It is located in the Shimenguan Scenic Area on the west slope of Cangshan Mountain, with good ecology and pleasant climate. , integrating ecological leisure, wellness vacation, and practical research, it can provide a safe, comfortable, and beautiful recuperation environment for the majority of employees.Actively build a recuperation base for employees, and carry out recuperation activities so that employees can not only recuperate physically and mentally, but also recharge, achieving the purpose of 'recuperation + recharging'.


Shimenguan Scenic Area has settled in our company's HW-V9000Intelligent Health Examination Machine, adding color to the health project of Shimenguan Scenic Area and protecting health.Our company's HW-V9000Intelligent Health Examination Machine is a high-end product with 30+ testing items. It is a comprehensive health examination equipment based on hardware + software + platform + services, realizing intelligent archiving and intelligent data collection through cloud computing. Data analysis, health assessment, providing basic data for health guidance, and realizing intelligent and integrated services for chronic disease management.


3. [HW-V9000Intelligent Health Examination Machine Introduction]

The main physical examination items of HW-V9000Intelligent Health Examination Machine are as follows:

1. Height, weight, standard weight range, BMI (body mass index), body fat and thin tips

2. Body composition (15 items) Fat content, fat rate, basal metabolism, body water content, body water rate, body muscle mass, body muscle rate, protein amount, protein rate, bone salt weight, lean body mass, intracellular fluid volume, intracellular fluid rate, extracellular fluid volume, extracellular fluid rate.

3. High pressure, low pressure, heart rate

4. Blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate

5. Body temperature

6. 12-lead ECG (standard configuration) optional fast ECG

7. Blood sugar, uric acid

8. Hemoglobin and red blood cell accumulation

9. Four items of blood lipids: high-density lipoprotein, triglycerides, low-density lipoprotein, and total cholesterol.

10. Urinalysis (12 items) White blood cells, occult blood, pH value, protein, urobilinogen, nitrite, vitamin C, glucose, bilirubin, ketone bodies, specific gravity, and microalbumin.

11. TCM constitution identification (9 items) Yang deficiency constitution, Yin deficiency constitution, Qi deficiency constitution, phlegm-dampness constitution, damp-heat constitution, blood stasis constitution, special constitution, Qi stagnation constitution, and peaceful constitution

12. Pulmonary function peak expiratory flow (PEF), forced expiratory volume (FEV1), forced vital capacity (FVC)

13. Waist-to-hip ratio Waist circumference, hip circumference, waist-to-hip ratio

14. Bone density

Adults: T-score, Z-score, age ratio, adult ratio, physiological age of bone (PAB), expected age of osteoporosis (EOA), relative fracture risk (RRF), bone strength index (BQI)

Children: Z value, physiological age of bones (PAB), height prediction, obesity, BMI index measurement method: full dry measurement along the bone axis, no radiation, suitable for detection of various groups of people (children, pregnant women, adults and middle-aged and elderly people) ) Measurement site: radius

15. Psychological assessment: UCLA Loneliness Scale, Geriatric Depression Scale, Self-Rating Depression Scale, Hamilton Anxiety Scale, Emotional Health Test, Self-Rating Health Rating Scale, Life Satisfaction Rating Scale, Personality Disorders Character Test

16. Vision

17. Color blindness

18. Login method: ID card login, facial recognition login, fingerprint login, WeChat code scan, employee number login, personal login, bar/QR code login

4. [HW-V9000Intelligent Health Examination MachineAdvantages]

HW-V9000Intelligent Health Examination Machine uses three screens to work together

32-inch high-definition large touch screen, supports remote health video management and delivery, and supports infrared remote control operation

18.5-inch functional operation screen, measurement items can be configured individually according to needs, and patients can operate independently

11.5-inch auxiliary operation screen, auxiliary guidance from medical staff, quick physical examination, improve work efficiency, and provide users with considerate services.

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