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Director Lei of Altay Region Civil Affairs Bureau inspects the use of Lejia intelligent physical examination machine

【Case details】

In early November 2021, at the invitation of the Altay Civil Affairs Bureau, our company's engineers, led by Director Lei, went to various Xingfu compounds in six counties and one city in the Altay region to inspect the use of the Lejia HW-V9000 intelligent physical examination all-in-one machine, and to conduct The person in charge of the local civil affairs bureau, the staff of the township government, and the director of the Xingfu Courtyard issued instructions requiring that the equipment be dedicated to a dedicated person who is responsible for regular physical examinations for the elderly in the hospital, establishing files for the elderly, and timely tracking of some chronic diseases to ensure the integration of physical examinations. function plays a greater role.

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product description:

Product name: HW-V9000 intelligent physical examination all-in-one machine

HW-V9000 intelligent physical examination all-in-one machine is a comprehensive professional health examination equipment based on hardware + software + platform + services. It realizes intelligent archiving, intelligent data collection, data analysis through cloud computing, health assessment, and provides basic data for health guidance. , to achieve intelligent and integrated management of chronic diseases.


Main measurement items: height and weight, BMI, body composition, blood pressure, heart rate, arteriosclerosis, blood oxygen, body temperature, 12-lead ECG, blood sugar, uric acid, hemoglobin, blood lipids, urinalysis, traditional Chinese medicine identification, waist-to-hip ratio, Lung function, vision, color blindness, psychological assessment, etc.Support project expansion: rapid ECG, bone density, alcohol testing, etc.




1. One-stop integrated design

It is designed to provide one-stop service for chronic disease management and the construction of healthy cabins. The testing items are modular and customized according to the needs of households.

2. 32-inch large screen display

The large LCD screen displays health education videos, which can be managed and replaced remotely.Support wireless infrared remote control operation to detect vision and color blindness

3. Diversified login methods

Supports eight login methods, ID card, face login, fingerprint login, WeChat code scan, card login, login, personal login, bar/QR code login.

4. Independent dual-screen operation

The 18.5-inch functional operation screen allows for personalized selection of measurement items according to needs, providing users with considerate services.The 11.5-inch auxiliary operation screen makes the operation more convenient for medical staff.

5. Diversified reporting forms

The physical examination report is queried in real time on the device terminal and cloud platform, and the historical data is analyzed and compared in a curve chart, and reasonable suggestions on diet and exercise are provided. Personal files can be established in accordance with the national basic public health service standards.

6. Software management system

The electronic health record management system, abnormal data monitoring system, and health assessment system provide good services and support data docking with the public health system.

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