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Healthy life starts with height and weight measurement

Weight is one of the important signs that reflects and measures a person's health status. Being too fat or too thin is not good for health, nor does it give people a sense of fitness.A large amount of statistical data on different body types shows that a more ideal and simple index reflecting normal weight can be expressed by the relationship between height and weight.

BMI index (Body Mass Index, also known as body mass index, English as Body Mass Index, referred to as BMI), is a number obtained by dividing weight in kilograms by height in meters squared. It is currently an internationally commonly used measure of the human body. A standard for fatness, thinness and health, mainly used for statistical purposes.When we need to compare and analyze the health effects of a person's weight on people of different heights, BMI is a neutral and reliable indicator.

HW-700ZHeight and Weight Scale is an intelligent foldable portable height and weight measurement device produced by Lejia Electronics.This machine uses an ultrasonic detector imported from the United States to measure height without contact and a high-precision pressure sensor to measure weight. The important thing is that after measuring height and weight, the machine can automatically calculate the BMI index, allowing people to know their height and weight clearly at the same time. Body mass index, simple and convenient operation.



In addition, HW-700ZHeight and Weight Scale has an LED display that displays the date, time and temperature when in standby. After the measurement is completed, it displays the measurement results and indicates the body mass index of thin, normal, fat, and obese. The measurement results Make it clear at a glance.Users can also upload the measurement data to the computer through the RS-232 interface to facilitate later data management and statistics. Especially for body managers, they can use this data to make the next weight gain plan and understand their physical health in many aspects. situation.

HW-700ZHeight and Weight Scale has wheels at the bottom, making it easy to move and transition. It is suitable for hospitals, physical examination centers, nursing homes, pharmacies, community service centers, various VIP rooms and other places. We just have the goods, if you happen to have the same If necessary, then contact us to purchase:13838063822 (same number on WeChat)

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