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[Safety·Health] Tips on preventing influenza in autumn and winter

The temperature changes greatly in autumn and winter. As time goes by, the weather becomes colder and the climate becomes drier. This is the season with high incidence of infectious diseases such as influenza.What makes epidemic prevention and control different this autumn and winter than in the past is that in the context of the global COVID-19 epidemic, there may be a superposition of influenza and COVID-19 epidemics.The initial symptoms of COVID-19 infection are very similar to those of influenza. During the peak season of influenza, it is difficult to distinguish by symptoms, and the high-risk groups for severe illness are people with underlying diseases, especially patients.At the same time, the epidemiological characteristics of the diseases are similar, both are infected through the respiratory tract, and there is also the possibility of mixed infections.To prevent the superposition of influenza and COVID-19 in autumn and winter, we must actively control the source of infection, cut off transmission routes, and protect susceptible groups.How can we effectively prevent influenza?The editor below introduces you to several effective methods:

1. Strengthen exercise. Persistence in exercise can improve your immunity and effectively resist the invasion of influenza viruses.

2. Keep warm and wear warm clothes when going out to prevent colds.

3. Develop good personal hygiene and living habits. Wash your hands before meals, after using the toilet and after touching dirty things. Change, wash, and dry clothes and bedding frequently. After your hands come into contact with respiratory secretions (such as sneezing or blowing your nose) ) Wash your hands immediately and avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose with dirty hands.

4. Wear a mask. Influenza viruses are mainly spread through droplets. Wearing a mask can effectively isolate the virus.

5. Ventilate frequently and open windows regularly for ventilation several times a day to keep indoor air fresh.

6. Avoid staying in air-conditioned rooms and heated rooms for a long time. The temperature in air-conditioned rooms and heated rooms is usually too high. When you go outdoors, the human body cannot adapt due to the large temperature difference, which can easily cause people to catch a cold.

7. Drink more water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and pay attention to balanced nutrition.

8. Ensure adequate sleep. Scientific research shows that adequate sleep can greatly improve a person's ability to resist colds, so be sure to ensure adequate sleep and do not stay up late.

9. During the peak period of the epidemic, you should avoid going to crowded places. If you develop relevant symptoms, you should seek medical treatment in time, reduce your contact with others, and rest at home as much as possible.

When you or the people around you develop one or more respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, etc., you should go to the hospital for medical treatment in time, isolate yourself appropriately at home, and do not take it seriously, let alone take medicine indiscriminately to avoid delays. Diagnosis not only delays oneself, but may also affect others.

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