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Why should communities build health cabins?

With the promulgation of the 'Healthy China 2030' planning outline, the construction of healthy cabins has gradually become popular.In the past, residents did not pay attention to their physical condition and often only treated illnesses when they were sick. The emergence of health cabins can help them learn more about their health status, effectively prevent and control chronic diseases, and cope with the challenges brought by aging.Simply put, a health cabin is a place led by the government and provided to people by public health institutions for physical examination, intervention guidance, health education, knowledge acquisition, etc.Its main characteristics are voluntary participation of the masses, independent health, and self-management, which are expressed in the form of doctor-patient cooperation, human-computer interaction, and patient self-help.

The health cabin is equipped with Height and Weight Scale, sphygmomanometer, body composition meter, blood oxygen detector, thermometer, rapid electrocardiograph, blood sugar and uric acid detector, lung function and other testing instruments. Residents can conduct health testing at any time, and the measurement data is real-time Transmission to community hospitals largely avoids the pressure on hospitals caused by residents' frequent visits to hospitals, and also reduces the cost of residents' visits to hospitals.



The meaning of health house

The Health House is the service terminal of the network hospital, which undertakes health indicator monitoring and chronic disease management outside the hospital for people after examination, discharge, and diagnosis.Through health monitoring and health education, we screen people with chronic diseases and provide medical guidance and medical appointments to achieve early prevention and early detection.At the same time, the health hut provides free health testing and consultation for key groups; it also provides free health education to guide community residents to improve their lifestyles, bringing convenience and benefits to low-income urban residents to manage their own health.

The establishment of health cabins extends the medical and health services of various medical/physical examination institutions to communities, enterprises, schools and other places, and can provide residents with close, easy-to-access, high-quality medical and health services, fundamentally solving the problem of difficulty in seeing a doctor. The problem of expensive medical treatment is solved, thereby achieving a win-win situation for the government, institutions and the masses.


Lejia technicians train medical staff on site to operate


Lejia technicians train medical staff on site to operate

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