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Lejia invites you to attend the 41st China International Sporting Goods Expo in Chengdu in 2024

The 41st China International Sporting Goods Expo 2024


The 2024 China Sports Expo is hosted by China Sports Goods Industry Federation, China Sports Federation (Beijing) Sports Industry Development Co., Ltd., China Sports Federation (Hainan) Sports Technology Industry Development Co., Ltd., and is supported by the Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau. It will be held in May 2024. It will be held in Chengdu West China International Expo City from October 23rd to 26th. There will be a fitness exhibition area, a sports venue and equipment exhibition area, and a sports consumption and service exhibition area.The expo brings together many well-known brands and companies in the sporting goods industry at home and abroad, showcases new products and technologies, and brings a wealth of choices and learning opportunities to the audience. The 41st China International Sporting Goods Expo 2024 is a showcase of sporting goods New achievements in the industry and an important platform to promote exchanges and cooperation are of great significance to promoting the development of the sports industry and improving public health.Henan Lejia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will bring new models Intelligent Health Examination Machine, ultrasonic Height and Weight Scale, All-in-one National Physical Fitness Monitoring Machine, etc. to this exhibition. Booth number:A128, Building 8,Please come to the site for visit and guidance. We sincerely invite you to join us. There will be unexpected surprises when you visit the site.

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Exhibition arrangements:

Exhibition time: May 23 to May 26, 2024

Booth number: Hall 8 A128

Exhibition address: China (Chengdu) Western International Expo City

Contact number: 13838063822

Integrated health management plan
during reaction

vital capacity

body composition

color blindness

In response to the 'Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline' promulgated by the State Council, the focus is on popularizing healthy living across the country, optimizing health services, improving health security, building a healthy environment, and developing health industries, integrating health into all policies, and protecting the people in an all-round and full-cycle manner Health, significantly improve health levels and significantly improve health equity.Vigorously cultivate the output of health management personnel and do a good job in the overall layout of the grassroots health management structure.The cultivation and construction of health management personnel has been included in the country’s strategic layout.

The integrated health management plan is a comprehensive health management model that aims to provide individuals with comprehensive health services through the deep integration of sports and health.This program combines professional knowledge in sports science, nutrition, medicine and other fields to tailor a personalized health management plan for individuals.

Health management plan measures

balance force

step test

vertical jump

1. Through research and understanding of people’s needs, clarify the direction and goals of physical and health integration.On this basis, existing medical, sports and community resources are integrated to create a multi-functional health management service site.These sites will be equipped with advanced physical fitness monitoring and exercise monitoring equipment, and provide health assessment, exercise intervention and other services, so that the general public can enjoy convenient and efficient health management services.
2. Strengthen publicity and education to increase public awareness and participation in the integration of sports and health.By holding health lectures and distributing promotional materials, we popularize health knowledge and the importance of scientific exercise, and guide the public to develop good lifestyle and exercise habits.At the same time, a variety of sports activities are organized to encourage everyone to actively participate and improve physical fitness and immunity.
3. Establishing a sound integrated sports and health service mechanism is also key.This includes establishing a unified sports and health integration organizational structure, clarifying the responsibilities and rights of organizations at all levels, and formulating detailed management systems and operating mechanisms.At the same time, we will strengthen communication and collaboration with relevant departments to strive for policy support and resource investment to provide a strong guarantee for the integration of sports and health.
4. During the implementation process, it is also necessary to pay attention to personalized services.For people of different ages and physical conditions, we develop personalized health management plans and provide targeted exercise and rehabilitation suggestions.For groups with special needs, such as the elderly and disabled, customized services can be provided to meet their special needs.
5. Strengthening supervision and evaluation is also an essential link.Regularly supervise and evaluate the integration of sports and health, identify problems and deficiencies in a timely manner, and make improvements and optimizations.At the same time, we should establish an effective feedback mechanism to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the public and continuously improve and improve service quality.

The national physique all-in-one machine applies the advantages of integrated health management

Grip strength test

blood pressure measurement

Sitting forward bend

Height and weight

1. This device can comprehensively and quickly monitor an individual's physical condition. Through an intelligent testing system, it provides an accurate physical assessment report to help users understand their physical characteristics and potential health risks.

2. The HW-T600 national testing all-in-one machine integrates professional knowledge in the fields of sports science and medical health. It can provide users with personalized exercise prescriptions and health guidance based on individual physical data to promote the overall improvement of physical health.

3. The device also has the characteristics of convenience, efficiency and data sharing, and can be easily applied to various health management scenarios to improve the efficiency and quality of health management.

4. Issue exercise prescriptions based on the physical fitness test report, provide high-quality exercise and fitness and dietary suggestions for personal physical weaknesses, and achieve scientific fitness.

5. Support cloud remote monitoring to realize intelligent national physical fitness monitoring, quantitative data storage, and real-time data upload and download.

Exhibited products


HW-T600All-in-one National Physical Fitness Monitoring Machine

The main function:

Measure the human body: height, weight, body mass index (BMI), 17 items of body composition, high pressure, low pressure, heart rate, 8 vital capacity items, vision, color blindness, color weakness, balance, push-ups, sit-ups, seated forward bends, step test, vertical Jump, grip strength test, reaction time, blood oxygen and other detection functions.

Applicable scenarios: Cultural and sports fields, fitness and sports, medical fields, judicial fields


HW-V9 Intelligent Health Examination Machine

Measurement items: height, weight, BMI, body composition (17 items), blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, body temperature

Expanded functions: rapid ECG, color blindness, vision, blood sugar, uric acid, etc.

Height range: 0-210CM

Weight range: 1-500KG

Product advantages:

10.2-inch high-definition large touch screen (19-inch optional)

Colorful light strips are embedded at the top, which is beautiful and elegant.

The chassis is stable, rounded and without corners.

It adopts arm-type electronic blood pressure monitor, which can be rotated left and right and the height is adjustable.


HW-701 Ultrasonic Height and Weight Scale

Measurement items: Height, weight, BMI

Height range: 0-200CM

Weight range: 1-200KG

Product advantages:

LED digital tube display, can display time, date and temperature in standby

Foldable for easy storage and transportation

Data transmission is stable and fast

Fully automatic voice broadcast


HW-B901 OutdoorHeight and Weight Scale

Measurement items: Height, weight, heart rate, balance, body composition, BMI

Height range: 0-200CM

Weight range: 1-500KG

Product advantages: Integrated design, waterproof body design; outdoor-specific high-brightness touch display; fully automatic voice broadcast; accurate intelligent face recognition; intelligent interconnection measurement results can generate QR codes; supports cloud platform to control device data

Real shots at the exhibition
2024 The 41st China International Sporting Goods Expo 1

The 41st China International Sporting Goods Expo 2024

2024 The 41st China International Sporting Goods Expo 2

The 41st China International Sporting Goods Expo 2024

2024 The 41st China International Sporting Goods Expo 3

The 41st China International Sporting Goods Expo 2024

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Exhibition test site

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Exhibition test site

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HW-701 on-site transaction

success case

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Dongying Gudong Oil Production Plant

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Yuxianzhai Catering Group

Shanghai Rescue Management Station V9000 Installation-Customer Operation Site 4

Shanghai Rescue Management Station

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Zhongjian Health Shenyang Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Henan Lejia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Located in the Electronic and Electrical Industrial Park of Zhengzhou High-tech Development Zone, it is a company focusing on the research and development of health examination equipment and intelligent chronic disease management CASES, integrating production, sales, and After-sale Service high-tech enterprises.Mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of intelligent physical examination all-in-one machines, All-in-one National Physical Fitness Monitoring Machine, all-in-one health examination machines, Height and Weight Scale, precision physical examination instruments for infants and young children, children's height and weight meters, Portable Physical Examination Case and other products.The company's products are rich in variety and of high quality. It is a dual-soft enterprise with many independent intellectual property rights such as ISO9001, Class II filing, environmental and occupational health and safety management system certification, CE, triple-A corporate credit, Height and Weight Scale software, etc. and product patents.Products andCASES are widely used in medical care, primary care, pharmaceutical industry, elderly care industry, financial insurance industry, enterprises and institutions, health management and other institutions. Based on customer needs and core values, we provide integrated health management applications{[ t2]}.

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Henan Lejia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of health examination equipment and intelligent chronic disease management CASES integration, integrating production, sales and After-sale Service.

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