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Introduction to Beijing Baifuquan Park

Beijing Baifuquan Park is located on Nanfeng Road, Changping District, Beijing, close to Nanhuan Road.As the largest urban park in northern Beijing, Baifuquan Park covers an area of ​​398 hectares, which is almost 1.5 times the size of Chaoyang Park and the Summer Palace.The park borders Nanfeng Highway to the east, Changping City to the west, Nanhuan Bridge to the north, and suburban villages to the south. It has a very advantageous geographical location.Baifuquan Park not only has a vast area, but also has a beautiful environment and fresh air.The park perfectly combines natural scenery with modern architecture, primitive ecology and cultural landscape, achieving the effect of connecting urban and rural areas and creating tranquility in the midst of chaos.The park is lined with green trees and fragrant flowers, providing citizens with a good place for leisure, entertainment and sports.

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Beijing Baifuquan Park has become an important attraction in Changping District and even Beijing with its unique geographical location, beautiful environment and rich facilities.Whether for residents of Changping District or tourists from afar, Baifuquan Park is a good place worth visiting.In future development, Baifuquan Park is expected to further improve its facilities, improve service quality, and provide citizens and tourists with a better and more comfortable leisure experience.At the same time, the park will continue to exert its multiple functions such as ecological, cultural and leisure, and make positive contributions to the sustainable development of Changping District.

Customer details

Beijing Baifuquan Park selected Lejia HW-T600All-in-one National Physical Fitness Monitoring Machine to improve citizens' health awareness and promote the park's health management level through scientific and convenient physical fitness monitoring services.Our company attaches great importance to customer experience and satisfaction, so we will provide professional and technical on-site installation and commissioning training services on June 5, 2024.Our team of professional engineers has rich experience and deep professional knowledge and is able to provide customers with high-quality on-site installation and commissioning services.During the installation and debugging process, engineers will explain the operation and maintenance methods of the equipment in detail to ensure that customers are proficient in using the equipment.We also provide targeted training services, tailor-made training programs based on customer needs and actual conditions to help customers better use equipment and improve work efficiency.

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Beijing Baifuquan Park Sports Station scene

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Beijing Baifuquan Park Sports Station scene

Lejia HW-T600All-in-one National Physical Fitness Monitoring Machine has comprehensive functions, which can accurately monitor multiple indicators of citizens' physical fitness and realize the integration of physical health, including height, weight, blood pressure, vision, vital capacity, grip strength, sit-ups, etc. It helps the park better understand the physical condition of citizens, thereby providing targeted health guidance and enhancing visitors' good experience.The all-in-one machine is easy to operate and can be used quickly without the need for professionals, which greatly improves the operational efficiency of the park.At the same time, the intelligent design of Lejia HW-T600All-in-one National Physical Fitness Monitoring Machine enables monitoring data to be uploaded and analyzed in real time, which facilitates subsequent health management by park managers.In addition, the Lejia brand has a good market reputation, and its product quality is reliable and perfect, which can ensure the long-term stable operation of the park.At the same time, the appearance design is fashionable and elegant, which can be integrated into the overall environment of the park and enhance the quality image of the park.

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Beijing Baifuquan Park Sports Station scene

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Beijing Baifuquan Park Sports Station scene

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