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HW-900A intelligent medical check-in machine

HW-900A intelligent medical check-in machine

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  HW-900A ultrasonic height and weight measuring instrument adopts ultrasonic detector and high-precision weight measuring instrument imported from the United States, Seiko thermal printer imported from Japan, Omron arm sphygmomanometer, hand-held fat meter, touch screen operation interface, through microcomputer Control, automatically measure body length, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, fat, etc., simultaneously display measurement results, clear voice broadcast and high-speed thermal printing measurement results. Measurement data can be transferred to a computer via RS-232. Let you sit at your desk and do everything easily.

  Technical Parameters:

  Mode of operation: touch screen operation voice video guidance operation

  Height measurement range: height: 60-200CM division value 0.1CM or 0.5CM adjustable

  Weight measurement range: Weight: 8-200KG Graduation value 0.1KG

  Blood pressure measurement range: Blood pressure: 0-39KPa Pulse: 40-180times/min

  Fat measurement range: body fat percentage: 5.0%-50% Graduation value 0.5%

  Basal metabolism: 385kcal-5000kcal

  Body type: International General Body Type Index BMI

  Oxygen measurement range: 35%-100% (±2% normal state {75%-100%},

  ±3% exercise or weak perfusion {50%-74%}, 50% or less undefined)

  Body temperature measurement range: 35°C~42°C Measurement time <2s, measurement distance: 1-5CM, display resolution: 0.1°C

  Display mode: play pictures in the standby mode, health education knowledge

  Simultaneous display of operation steps and measurement results during measurement

  Print content: measure gender, age, date, time, height, weight, fat mass, fat percentage

  Basal metabolism, water content, water rate, muscle mass, muscle rate, protein amount, protein rate

  Bone salt weight, fat-free body weight, intracellular fluid volume, intracellular fluid rate, extracellular fluid volume, cells

  Outer fluid rate, high pressure, low pressure, heart rate, BMI

  Data transmission: support RS-232 serial port, Bluetooth, wireless data transmission function, measurement results can be directly transmitted to the medical examination management system or mobile APP client (Bluetooth and wireless are optional)

  Voice prompt: clear voice automatic broadcast measurement results

  Streamlined process design, luxurious appearance

  Power supply voltage: 110V-240V 50HZ, optional DC 12V power supply

  Packing size: 70*50*38CM 180*36*20CM

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