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HW-VE intelligent medical check-in machine

HW-VE intelligent medical check-in machine

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  HW-VE intelligent health check-up machine automatic self-service measurement of height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, fat content, metabolism, blood oxygen, body temperature and other physical examination services, the entire process is carried out by screen touch, through real-time voice and video guidance detection The person can complete the measurement autonomously, and can easily establish a personal health record and provide on-site print medical examination results.


  1.Multimedia screen + touch screen Dual screen display

  Screen 1: Touch screen self-measurement of various health indicators, intelligent management system, full-height high-definition color LCD touch screen operation is simpler, can automatically input gender age, synchronize intelligent guided animation and voice prompts, automatically prompt measurement steps and methods, according to It is simple and convenient to instruct the completion of the entire measurement process.

  Screen 2: 10-inch multimedia LCD screen, health education knowledge playback, etc.

  2. Integrated design, one-stop completion of multiple physical examinations

  Height, weight, BMI physique index, body type (slim, normal, overweight, obesity), blood pressure (high pressure, low pressure), heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen, fat, basal metabolism, water content, bone mass, muscle mass, bone Rate, muscle rate, etc.

  3. Smart interconnection, multiple data transmission methods

  This machine can upload the computer through RS-232 serial port, or it can be transmitted to the mobile phone via Bluetooth or wireless.

  Technical Parameters:

  Operation mode: touch screen operation, voice and video guidance operation

  Height measurement range: 60-200CM Graduation value 0.1CM or 0.5CM adjustable

  Weight measurement range: 8-200KG division value 0.1KG

  Blood pressure measurement range: 0-39KPa Pulse: 40-180 beats / min

  Fat measurement range: 5.0% - 50.0% Graduation value: 0.5%

  Oxygen measurement range: 70-100% (±2% normal state, ±3% exercise or weak perfusion, 70% or less undefined)

  Body temperature measurement range: 34.0 ° C -43 ° C Graduation value: 0.1 ° C

  Display mode: Bring a multimedia advertising screen to promote health education knowledge;

  The touch screen displays the operation steps and measurement results in real time.

  Printed content: measurement number, height, weight, BMI body shape index, high pressure value, low pressure value, heart rate, fat content, metabolism, oxygen saturation, body temperature, normal range of standards, and reasonable dietary and exercise recommendations.

  Data transmission: This machine can upload the computer through RS-232 serial port, or it can be transmitted to the mobile phone via Bluetooth or wireless (RS-232 is standard)

  Voice prompt: Clear voice guidance operation and automatic broadcast of measurement results

  Shape design: The fuselage adopts unique three-dimensional design, simple and without loss of atmosphere; the shell is made of ultra-high strength ABS engineering plastic, clean and environmentally friendly.

  Power supply voltage: 100V-240V 50HZ, optional DC 12V power supply

  Dimensions: 58*60*235CM

  Net weight of the whole machine: 48KG

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