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Analysis of load-bearing structure of children's height and weight scale

Analysis of load-bearing structure of children's height and weight scale

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  Children's height and weight scales are children's height and weight medical products widely used in various medical examinations. According to the requirements of different places and the functional configuration requirements of the products, Lejia provides you with different heights for different application types. Weighing scale products, today, we analyze the weighing structure of various children's height and weight scales.

  First, mechanical child height and weight scale

  The cast iron load-bearing base structure is sturdy and durable. We have many years of experience in the production of mechanical products. We have a unique experience in the quality control of the products and the adjustment design of the weighing spring structure. The product reputation is good.

  Second, the electronic child height and weight scale

  The electronic precision sensor is the core weighing system, with industrial metering III precision, good weighing accuracy and minimum precision of 100g, suitable for all kinds of small and medium weighing physical examination sites.

  Third, intelligent children's height and weight scale

  The microcomputer-controlled intelligent child height and weight scale product combines the mechanical cast iron structure and the high-precision balance beam weighing structure. It has the advantages of two structures. The product weighs up to 500kg and the mechanical structure is more durable. The electronic structure is more accurate and reliable, and it has the main core of computer control. The products have good performance in places such as height and weight medical examination applications.

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