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Wellness Hut Program

Healthy Smart House Policy Background

'Healthy China 2030' Planning Outline 'Building a Health Information Service System' establishes a unified, authoritative and Internet-connected population health information platform across the country, standardizes and promotes 'Internet + health care' services, and innovates Internet health The medical service model continues to promote integrated national health information services covering the entire life cycle of prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and health management.

Health Hut Introduction

'Healthy cabin' refers to the integration of Intelligent Health Examination Machine in a warm and comfortable environment, allowing residents to choose inspection items on their own and realize the detection of a series of physiological parameters. The system comes with the health status of the subjects. Detection, a health examination model of classified management, this project can realize the screening of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, ventilation, anemia, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary function disease, etc. It is a way to identify high-risk groups and conduct timely health checks on residents with abnormal indicators. Basis for intervention.Use community health service centers or township health centers as promotion platforms to establish health management systems and supporting equipment to improve the service quality in the region, improve the chronic disease management system, and provide strong support and guarantee for disease prevention and treatment. 'Early detection, early treatment, early prevention, early diagnosis' achieves integrated, precise and intelligent management of chronic diseases.

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HW-V9000Intelligent Health Examination Machine-Healthy House

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HW-V7000Intelligent Health Examination Machine-Healthy House

Health HouseCASES


Healthy Smart House Testing Project

Height, weight, BMI, fat, body composition, rapid ECG, blood pressure, 12-lead ECG, blood oxygen, body temperature, blood sugar, uric acid, four blood lipids, hemoglobin, total cholesterol, urinalysis, vision, color blindness, lung function, Arteriosclerosis, alcohol test, psychological assessment, traditional Chinese medicine constitution identification, etc.

Health cabin supporting facilities

Health query screen, APP function screen, meal pagoda, energy carousel, luminous character light box, roll-up banner, health management system, KT board, health data display board, health information rack.

Advantages of the Wellness Hut

1. Convenient and fast: Healthy smart cabins are generally located in residential areas or public places. Users can go there for health testing and consultation at any time without making an appointment or waiting in line, eliminating cumbersome processes.
2. Efficient and intelligent: The Healthy Smart House uses advanced health detection equipment to quickly and accurately detect the user's physical condition and health problems. At the same time, combined with health management software, it can provide intelligent suggestions and guidance for the user's health.
3. Personalized services: The health services provided by the Health Smart House are tailored according to the user's personal situation and needs.For example, services such as chronic disease management and rehabilitation training can be provided for the elderly; services such as health examinations and occupational disease prevention can be provided for young people.
4. Focus on prevention: Health Smart House not only provides disease treatment services, but more importantly, advocates the idea of ​​​​prevention. Through regular health testing and health management, it helps users discover potential health problems, take timely measures to intervene, and prevent occurrence of disease.
5. Reduce medical costs: By providing convenient, efficient, and personalized health services, the Health Smart House allows users to detect and manage health problems earlier and avoid higher medical costs caused by worsening conditions.At the same time, reducing the occurrence of diseases through preventive measures can also reduce the burden on the medical system.
6. Improve the quality of life: Healthy Smart House not only focuses on the physical health of users, but also focuses on mental health and lifestyle intervention.Through comprehensive health management and personalized guidance, it can help users establish healthy living habits and lifestyles and improve their quality of life.
In short, the health smart cabin is an innovative health service model that can provide better health services to the general public with its main advantages of convenience, efficiency, intelligence, personalized services, prevention-oriented, reducing medical costs and improving quality of life. .

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HW-V6000Intelligent Health Examination Machine-Healthy House

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HW-V2000SIntelligent Health Examination Machine-Healthy House

Industries suitable for health cabins

  • Healthy Smart House is suitable for communities, elderly care institutions, enterprises, real estate, health care real estate and other industries to help with health management follow-up and healthy diet and exercise.

  • What I want to tell you is that now Lejia has launched multiple models of smart Intelligent Health Examination Machine, which can not only intelligently detect physical conditions, but are also equipped with a scientific health management system, which can be uploaded to the cloud platform to realize intelligent archiving and intelligent data collection. Use cloud computing to analyze data, conduct health assessments, provide basic data for health guidance, and achieve intelligent, integrated, and precise management of chronic diseases.Physical examination, management and treatment can be realized at the same time.Very suitable for today’s health and smart cabin needs!

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