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Primary care background:

The 'Healthy China 2030' Planning Outline emphasizes the core requirement of 'taking people's health as the center and adhering to the grassroots as the focus'.The 'Basic Medical Care and Health Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China' further clarifies the basic position of primary medical and health institutions in the medical and health system.As early as 2016, the country has clearly stated that 'co-construction, sharing and health for all' is the strategic theme of building a healthy China.The core is to focus on people's health and adhere to the promotion of healthy lifestyles at the grassroots level. To achieve this goal, it is inseparable from the development of grassroots medical units.

Pain points of primary care:

● The income of medical staff in health centers is not high and the equipment is outdated.
● The health center has insufficient departments and low service capabilities
● Rural doctors have insufficient protection and poor working conditions
● Superior medical staff have not really 'sinked' into the villages and towns
● The file utilization rate is low and there is no effective basis for patient treatment.
● Residents’ medical treatment habits are difficult to change and their cooperation is poor

Primary care CASES:

● Serve primary care: implement national health policies and optimize resource allocation;

● Improve business efficiency: intelligent filing, health assessment, and health guidance improve work efficiency and service quality;
● Resident health services: Focus on health and continue to improve medical and health services

● Resident health education: improve the grassroots health governance system and promote the formation of a joint force of the whole society to support the development of grassroots health

HW-V6000Intelligent Health Examination Machine

V6000-Intelligent Health Examination Machine function

Through the solution of primary medical care solutions, the task of 'making up for the shortcomings' of primary medical and health care can be fully completed, fundamentally solving the problem of insufficient primary medical and health service capabilities, and promoting the improvement of basic medical and health service infrastructure conditions and the improvement of service capabilities. Regional medical and health care develops in a balanced manner, the service pattern is scientific and reasonable, and the people enjoy basic medical and health services nearby.

Chronic disease management screening analysis

Chronic disease management screening analysis

data analysis

Health management data analysis

Data statistical analysis

Intelligent Health Examination Machine-Cloud platform data analysis

cloud platform

Intelligent Health Examination Machine-Cloud platform

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